Hella T'xtured Hair - Hella Curly Clip-ins

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The Hella Curly clip-ins were designed with versatility in mind for our 3B-3C T'xtured Queens. 3B-3C hair resembles fine, tight corkscrews and tightly coiled. This is 100% virgin human hair and comes in natural 1B color (brownish black).

For a full head: 14-16 inches you will need 2 sets. 18-20 inches you will need 3 sets.
To add fullness to your natural hair: 14-16 inches you will need 1 set. 18-20 inches you will need 2 sets. Clip-ins are 120g each set.

Just like your natural type 3 curls this hair loves water and moisture and can be detangled with your fingers or a paddle brush. This texture becomes curlier when it's wet. We recommend washing with a mild shampoo and good slip conditioner to detangle. Finger detangling is highly suggested. Remember when detangling to section hair, start at the ends and work your way up to the root. If you choose to use a comb for styling, please be sure to use a wide tooth comb. This hair is best worn in twist-outs, wash n go's, bantu knots, braids, twist, puff, pineapple, and braid outs.

Although this hair texture can be straightened, blow dried or heat styled please be aware this could alter the curl pattern and decrease the lifespan of the hair.

All hair is measured straight, once the hair is steamed processed and curled you lose about 3-4inches in length. For example, 20 inches straight hair is 16-17 inches after it is curled.

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