Beaudentity is platform where  women can go to celebrate the beauty of our identity through shopping Black owned beauty businesses.   Via our cash back system we reward users for shopping with Black beauty businesses and brands.  We also empower our user to find the perfect products from featured businesses via tutorials and swatches customized by skin tone and curl pattern.


Founder's Story

As long as she can remember, Nauje Change had a passion for occasions where creative and analytical thinking meet. Her love of left and right brain thinking eventually led her to a career that was the perfect paring of both… advertising. Through her strategic yet imaginative thinking, Nauje played a role in a number of wins for major brands.


When Nauje realized that the beauty resources she was looking for did not, exist her love for creative and analytical thinking led her on another journey…entrepreneurship. Tapping into her passion for artistic expression through beauty and professional experience, she started to create a platform where Black women could shop Black owned beauty businesses. In 2018, she launched Beaudentity, an beauty resource that highlights Black-owned beauty brands and retailers with hair, nails and skincare products formulated with Black women in mind. Our platform's inclusive approach to beauty includes tutorials and swatch images that show how featured products work across a range of skin tones and curl patterns. Her mission is to make it easier for women of color to support and discover Black-owned beauty businesses with products that work just right.